Schrödinger Dual-Action Spray Gun has applications in several Industries namely :-

Pressure Diecasting
Gravity Diecasting
Sand Casting
Rubber Moulding

Schrödinger Dual-Action Spray Gun is used extensively during production for spraying the die moulds with a blast of atomized mixture consisting of air and fluid / die-coat. It lubricates and cools the mould, ensures higher productivity, induces mould life, reduces component distortions, reduces porosity, improves surface finish, eliminates cold shuts, enhances consistency and reliability.


The Dual-Action Spray Gun is very rugged, light weight, has a natural hand grip and is very easy to maintain. All its components are made from non-corrosive stainless steel, brass and aluminium alloy.

  Salient Features of Schrödinger Dual- Action Spray Guns :-

Natural hand grip

Rugged and light weight

Easy maintenance

Improves component surface finish

Enhances Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Single dual action trigger lever

Regulating screw accurately adjusts fluid flow

Provides a blast of air along with regulated amount of fluid

Unobstructed liquid delivery for continuous spraying

Two- stage trigger releases large volumes of air for cleaning, then adds a finely atomized spray pattern and enhances die cooling

Fluid supply is provided from pressurized tank or siphon tank system

90 days off-site warranty

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